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What happened to Google+?

This interesting piece in Business Insider talks about the changes recently announced by Google in its strategy with Google+. According to the article, although millions of people use the social network daily, most of them only do it in order to connect to one of the many Google services that are kind of linked together by Google+.

At the end of the day, according to data gathered by researcher Edward Morbis, only about 6 million out of 2.2 billion profiles are actively using Google+.

Nevertheless, googlers themselves (and former googlers) do not agree on what were the reasons for such a big disappointment.

While some people in Goole seem to think that Google+ failed mainly because it arrived late in the social network arena, when compared for example to Facebook, others point out that the company was slow on its strategy to move to mobile. Some people also notice that the departure of Vic Gundotra was somewhat of a big blow to the social network growing plans.

Fact is, everybody out there is aware that it seems impossible for Google+ to gain the same level of attention that Facebook, Twitter and even newer social networks (e.g. Instagram) get from the press and from the general public.

What do you think about it? What were the reasons of Google+ never catching up with Facebook and Twitter?