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What happened to Google+?

This interesting piece in Business Insider talks about the changes recently announced by Google in its strategy with Google+. According to the article, although millions of people use the social network daily, most of them only do it in order to connect to one of the many Google services that are kind of linked together by Google+.

At the end of the day, according to data gathered by researcher Edward Morbis, only about 6 million out of 2.2 billion profiles are actively using Google+.



How to find the URL for the RSS feed of a Twitter user’s timeline?


Since its redesign some months ago, Twitter has removed the RSS button from user pages, making impossible for anyone to subscribe to a user’s timeline directly from Twitter’s homepage.

However, there is a manual way of subscribing to a user’s timeline: grab the URL for its RSS feed and paste it directly to your RSS reader application. That URL has this structure:


Where USER_ID is the Twitter id of the username you want to subscribe.

To find out the id of a given username, you just have to enter it in a Website like idfromuser.com.

As an example, the URL for the @bloggerpolis timeline RSS is:


(as you can notice, 137503230 is the Twitter id of @bloggerpolis)

That’s it! Very easy, isn’t it?

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Fahmi Fadzil

Repeat one hundred times on your Twitter!

Fahmi Fadzil

(Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this news is correct or just a hoax or a publicitary stunt)

Anyway, story is, Fahmi Fadzil, a political adviser to Malaysian government, has been obliged to post one hundred times in his Twitter account, an apology to a Malaysian media company, as part of an agreement.

Apparently, in January, Mr. Fadzil posted on Twitter that a friend of him, a woman who worked to Female Magazine, edited by BluInc Media, had supposedly been abused by her bosses.

Despite later retracting from his accusation, the company asked him for unspecified financial damages for libel, and a public apology. His lawyer, Johan Syahredzan, announced that Mr. Fadzil has reached an agreement with BluInc Media in order to withdraw the demand. The agreement obliged him to apologize 100 times over three days through his Twitter account.

Mr. Fadzil, who has more thant 4,500 Twitter followers, started to comply to the agreement today.

The post says:

“I’ve DEFAMED Blu Inc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on their HR Policies are untrue. I retract those words & hereby apologize”.

At the beginning of every tweet, Mr. Fadzil puts its number: “1/100”, “2/100”, etc. Right now, it has already reached 23/100.

We should indeed be careful about what we post online!

And I don’t know why, but this curious story reminded me of Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian”.  :)